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Potential New Team Members

Auntie Mangos

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ciphercom work at cmake support for mangos show his interest and will to complete so big project

with many multi-platform specific problems to state that will can ready for adding to mangos repo.

He already presence some time at #mangos channel and i think also show possibility work in team.

I think he can good addition to mangos team :)

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I don't see alot of activity from cipherCOM - only 18 posts on this forum. Also he is not very active even in dev channel. So I have doubts if it is a good idea to invite him.

IMO, currently we lack ppl who are skilled with spell system. After upcoming changes to Core (visibility optimizations, prepared statements, world tasks etc) there will be only spells and scripting left to push more efforts against.

P.S. why not invite qsa and faramir118 into #mangos channel? They already proved their skills.

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from what i remember, ciphercom told me that he currently doesn't have that much time (until summer if i'm not wrong - better ask him again!). but i think he might be a good addition, he has some good ideas.

as for faramir118, i'd like to see him in #mangos

about qsa i'm not sure... if i remember right, he does sometimes some weird posts at github (what was his github user again??)

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qsa already has been invited to #mangos in past (Year ago?) This is his choice ignore this.

I don't see alot of activity from cipherCOM - only 18 posts on this forum. Also he is not very active even in dev channel.

I not think that amount posts in forum and irc is strong requirement for team membership.

Main question that we must answer when invite someone: is we can trust him allow do pushes to repo by self.

So is candidate can by self make right choice what doe with planned repo chnages (do it, not do it, discuss with otjet team members who work in this project area for additional info and ideas). I think cipherCOM can be trusted in this part. Maybe he not very active at forum/etc but i personally have lot discussions with him in time cmake preparing.

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Last time many active mangos devs go to idle by RT problems or maybe lost interest (including me as sad say).

I think mangos team need some fresh blood or project will slowly die.

Ok, maybe no so bad all. At least i think Laise soon return to activity ;)

In any case i suggest grant to Schmoozerd commit rights to core. I think he well understand core code (or attempt understand before changes).

He also at this moment do most review and commits in sd2 project. So this can help to him add core related parts and not stuck sd2 side development.

I also suggest invite to team faramir118. He do in past lot work that later included in core in different parts. And as i understand made lot work in mmaps?

Theluda, sorry, i not plan process suggestion in normal way as do in last years so can you review this suggestions directly.

Maybe other candidates exist who missed my eyes.

I personally have low chance return to active development because lost interest. But i plan visit sometime forums and stay at #mangos.

But please not wait from me active points to core development or project ways. Last 5 years has been nice part of my life but need go to someting new ;)

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What should I say?! All the best wishes for your future projects, Vladimir! It has been great to have you with us.

I'll talk with a few people. It's been a long time, and perhaps it may be a time to make some take a step back and start going to new directions for the project in general.

I'll not change your access to anything here, so that you can have a look and join us if you feel like it. It would be great if we could discuss some open ends in the next days if you have a few spare minutes.

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Hm not exactly much going on lately, will any dev besides me actually care to comment?

Don't make it feel like the Captain is leaving the sinking ship...

About faramir118 and Schmoozered i have no complaints, if they are interested of course.

From what i can tell Schmoozered tries very hard to things less hacky than in stuff you find out in the wild.

faramir has for sure good core knowledge by now, and i'm not sure anyone can even review the whole mmap project without his direct involvement, and it certainly adds a lot of quality to game play when it is stable.

To Vladimir, thanks for all the work you put into this project, and i can fully understand that after such a long time, and many people come and leave, it gets time to do something different. Since you want to stay in #mangos, I guess we'll get to know when you found a new cool project, whatever it may be :)

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