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MaNGOLin - Admin tool for Mangos runs on Linux or Windows


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Hi folks

Thought you might like to know, their is a new release of the free GPL version of Mangolin V2.02 for Windows and Linux.

Now supports the MaNGOS Zero, One and Two servers.

For all of MaNGOLin functions to work you are now required to have an ingame admin account with a security level of 4, for want of a better word ive called it GOD level and it can be changed from within MaNGOLin using the inline Accounts table editing, once you have changed the security level remember to disconnect and reconnect MaNGOLin for the change to take affect.


Please post your support requests or bugs in the Dazzleships Dot Net forum and not in this thread.

Please note cMaNGOS is not supported although their is a good chance it will work, do not post bugs if you are using cMaNGOS.



Full Feature List for MaNGOLin

Server functions:

Multiple server configuration profiles.

Quick server selection.

Send Mass Mail, Items or Gold

Message of the day



Shutdown Now

Delayed Shutdown

Shutdown with idle

Player limits

Save all players

Load scripts

Clear corpses

DB Table Reload

Clean & Optimise Character & Realm databases

Account functions:

Account creation, editing and delete.

Last login filter for cleaning up old accounts

IP and Account banning.

Admin level settings

Expansion setting

Password setting

Character based functions:




Send Message

Send Money

Send Mail

Send Items

Portal Creator/Manager


Safe Revive (Experimental)

Reset Options

Repair Items

Viewing and deletion of tickets.

Customise at next login

Rename at next login

Set Character Level

More filter options on character table such as Tickets, Race, Class.

Transfer characters between accounts.

Database Functionality:

Save & Restore Realm, Mangos, Characters, Scriptdev and Custom Portals created with the Portal Manager

Scheduled daily backup of any or all databases.

User selectable backup folder.

Database mode only does not need a running mangos server.

Additional Stuff:

System tray.

Hide to tray at startup.

Theme selection.

Command Reference Guide

Help page.



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Very glad to see MaNGOLin has returned as well. Good to have you with us again, Bannor!

I hope this fresh start will bring your work even greater notice.

For those of you that have been living under a rock on Mars, this is the best and only admin tool you will ever need for your MaNGOS server that is still actively maintained and developed. Others have come and gone, but the number one administrator app is right here!

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  • 2 months later...

I am freezing the current MaNGOLin at V1.05 and it will remain permanently available for download, for use with the Mangos_Wotlk branch.

I will eventually get around to doing MaNGOLin V1.06 for use with the new Master Branch supporting Cataclysm, but this may take some time as im going back to the greatest nation on the planet (Scotland) for a holiday soonish and won't be able to do diddly squat until mid November.



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  • 1 month later...

Mangos one is not supported and probably wont be due to lack of time and money same goes for Zero.

Although I would happy to do versions for both but it would require substantial donations in order for me even to contemplate it.

I will be doing a new free GPL version for Cataclysm when I get back from my current vacation if time permits.



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  • 2 months later...

Just incase if you were wondering if MaNGOLin was dead due to lack of updates, thought I would let you know I'm working on V1.06 for WOTLK at the moment which will fix a whole raft of issues.

Unfortunately its taking a fair bit of time since I am also doing some major design changes to implement language localisation which to be honest I should of done when I first designed it as retro-fitting it has not been easy anyways its about 80% working now and once most of its done I will release the new version.

So the short answer its not dead.



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  • 2 weeks later...

A New Year present, MaNGOLin V1.06 has been released.

Lots of fixes plus a few changes and better theme integration under linux.

Now has the ability to run in database mode only no need to have a running mangos server, with reduced functionality, the majority of the file management functions are available in this mode.

To use database mode only just uncheck Enable Remote Access in the connection dialog.

Also added Theme selection for greater cross-platform compatibility as I find Java's default Metal theme a little faster than most of the GTK based system themes on Linux but I have an old machine so it may not matter for most folks.

This is probably it as far as any further development goes on the WOTLK version of MaNGOLin other than bug fixes, as im looking to moving on to a Cataclysm version.



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MaNGOLin for WOTLK is pretty much in feature freeze due to lack of support, and yes i know their is no donation button on my website that's because I removed it after receiving precisely zero donations over a 4 year period which kind of made the button pointless and pretty much made it obvious that folks don't seem to care or at least not care enough if the app lives or dies.

All of which means I have lost the appetite to do any more major work on it or add anything new to it.

Anyways enough of the whining from me, im just in maintenance mode now which basically means I will fix any reported bugs or existing features that get broken due to changes in mangos itself.

Also this would be a good time to let folks know that my website may have to downsize and move to a free host and if that happens I will continue to make MaNGOLin available for download on a file sharing site.



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  • 1 month later...

bannor, you have given so much to this community. I find it appalling that not one person has donated, not even as a "thank you". I would have done so many times, because your MaNGOLin admin utility has been on my "must have" list for years. Unfortunately, I can't give you what my heart says you deserve, thanks to my own financial rock-and-a-hard-place.

Antz, we should try to show some measure of gratitude to bannor's dedication, as a community.

I vote we place a permanent banner and link for MaNGOLin on our website, advertising it as an official "Friend Of MaNGOS " and endorse the use of MaNGOLin, along with a "donate" button that links back to bannor's PayPal (or whatever). I think it would also look nice having it just below our own donate banner in the forums, as well.

What do you say, Mr. Webmaster? Ain't it about time we show official support for our devoted friends? Goodness knows we need all of them we can get these days!

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Already on my hit list of the recommended addons for Mangos

- I have been sidetracked over the last 2 weeks with different things (RL, work, legal stuff, coding and other stuff), but I want to perform another update to the website soon containing these links

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I wouldn't worry it about it too much Uncle the actual reduction in users has helped me, I have seen a significant tail off in download figures in the last year or so.

So their are only about 60 regular users based on current download figures as opposed to the 1000+ I had in the early days whether thats a reflection on my software or whether the popularity of MaNGOS has dwindled I don't know possibly both.

It was based on these reduced figures that I have now switched to a cheap bare minimum hosting package and got rid of a domain so my costs are now a good deal less.

I can tell you though that their wont be any further major development without support, I had begun working on MaNGOLin 2 which was to build in Zero, TBC support alongside the current WOTLK and also additional foreign language support into one software package but thats all been shelved.

I have another bug fix release coming soon though.



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You can count me among those 60 or so users. Even though MaNGOLin may end, it is you that I shall miss. You have always been an example to other devs of gentility, technical skill, and respect. We seem to have lost those qualities around here in the past few years.

I intend to use MaNGOLin until WoW and MaNGOS are so dated that they won't run on whatever passes for a PC in the future! Thank you for this most recent bugfix. You have always been conscientious about the quality of your work, which is one reason why MaNGOLin is the standard by which I judge other MaNGOS offerings.

I'm very sure the decline you've seen for MaNGOLin on your site is entirely due to an overall decline in interest for WoW by the general public, not just the private server scene. Blizzard is probably scratching its collective head, trying to figure out where things went wrong. My personal opinion is their failure to really deliver an expansion that was at least on par with the addition of Outland in TBC initiated the decline. Each successive release seems to nerf and oversimplify the game to the point of mediocrity while failing to follow through with promising features. Heroic classes began and ended with the Deathknight while Jewelcrafting was dead-ended in favor of much more useless professions. Of course the list of failures is too long to list here, but you get my point.

I think Titan will be an enormous disaster. Blizzard is feeling the pressure to adopt the F2P model, paying the bills with a store to sell gear, items, and even levels. Since Activision has taken over, you can bet this will be implemented in the worst way, as if Titan were no different than another Call Of Duty from a business point of view.

Perhaps hosting MaNGOLin on Github would be even cheaper still and allow others to collaborate with you, assuming you don't mind making it open source. Perhaps inviting others to help will not only keep the software alive, but expand it to accomodate other server cores (ArcEmu, Ascent, Skyfire, WCell, and Trinity) so your user base may once more increase.

Otherwise, you may consider focusing on creating some sort of generic game server admin utility, where the games supported are implemented by scripted plugins. You keep the core proprietary, but release a plugin SDK with the stipulation that any created plugins be open source. This would leverage "crowd sourcing" expansion of the software while leaving you firmly in control. Plugins could add the neccesary commands, alter the gui as needed, or even create modules to expand functionality... like plugging in to Thottbot or WoW Armory to pull data for importing to the database or allowing the admin to chat through the utility with players in the game.

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Well its open source (GPL2) right now, all the source code including the library source is shipped in with the binaries so folks are welcome to do their own version.

Although I do understand the point regarding collaboration and putting it on Github would aid that so i will consider it.

As to WoW popularity, I think my major problem with it came with the changes that came with WOTLK, I was perfectly happy with what they had on Classic and TBC.

Bit like how Sony killed managed to kill Star Wars Galaxies with the Combat Upgrade which sucked big time and I and pretty much my entire guild dropped out there and then, why cant they just leave the game mechanics well alone and just add content I dont know.

The other major problem with WoW is the dated graphics with Elder Scrolls Online just around the corner I think Blizzard are going to start to feel the heat.

How about MaNGOs for ESO :)

Im also contemplating getting involved with SWGEmu as I miss that game, it was fun.

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I think it would be a fun technical stunt to create an Android-compatible MaNGOS, so those with capable devices could create an ad hoc server network using the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature. :)

With more and more RPG games being "online only", I would love to lay hands on some server emus so I can enjoy playing them without all the expense or morons that delight in griefing and cheating. SW: Galaxies and EvE are two that top the list. Although I can be content with KOTOR and Homeworld instead for similar action.

I agree with your assessment. Elder Scrolls is a series every bit as rich in lore as Warcraft, with at least as large a fanbase. Provided they avoid making the game into an obnoxious moneypit, I would imagine the players will flock to the servers in droves for the chance to adventure in the world of TES with their friends for free. Activision will have to come up with something better than kung-fu pandas and free until level 20 play to stem the hemmorage of lost WoW subscribers.

The first time I loaded up Morrowind, it blew my mind! TES III was the first time I had ever played an RPG that was done from a first-person perspective. The world and its inhabitants were so detailed, and not just in a graphical sense, plus the story and quests being so well scripted that I was completely enthralled and totally hooked. The TES Construction Kits released along with them was the cherry on top of what has to be two of the greatest RPGs I've ever played. How cool is that? Worlds to explore and the tools to expand them even further!

I have always had the opinion that WoW should have content creation tools and make available servers for the community to share and test their creations. Perhaps the cream of the crop would then be eligible for inclusion in the regular servers. A Minecraft approach to world-building would keep the game thriving for at least another ten years! It will never happen. The devs couldn't take being shamed by a bunch of amateurs releasing stuff that outshines what they produce on a deadline and limited budget.

TES III and IV both have permanent homes on my PC.

If there's no "online required" DRM, Skyrim will join that lineup as soon as the price drops to $20 or less. :D

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  • 5 months later...

On a development note, folks may not be aware that I did some localisation work for the now canned MaNGOLin 2.xx

This localisation work was backported to MaNGOLin 1.06 onwards so their is now foreign language support capability, at the moment I have only support for English (GB) and English (US) implemented.

I would like to include support for French, German and Spanish but since im Scottish and crap at languages I would need some folks to do some translation work for me.

To get an idea of what would be involved you can take a look at this file http://www.dazzleships.net/localisation.txt it is in a simple "key=description" format and each description would need to be changed to its foreign equivalent.

So if anyone is interested in doing this for me please let me know either here in this thread or via the Contact Us on my website.



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