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MaNGOS new official irc network

Guest Salja_

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Big Thanks to Artimis for setup the irc network =)









Channels for MaNGOS-One test server

#smalltalk (german and other games)


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@ UnkleNuke: The server has an antispoof protection which asks the client for his version and so on. Non-standard clients may have problems by connecting to the network. I would like to recommend "AndroIRC". I tested it for compatibility and it works.

Let me say a few word to IRC:

1) Getting an IRC client:

First of all you need an IRC client. There is a gigantic variety of clients for almoust every plattform.

- For Linux users I recommend the clients "Konversation" or "XChat".

- For Windows users I recommend the clients "XChat" (http://xchat.org/) or "Konversation" (http://windows.kde.org/).

- Android users may use the client "AndroIRC" (http://www.androirc.com/).

- You can get Plugins for common browsers like "ChatZilla" for Firefox.

- Apple users may get a real computer/smartphone with rights ower it.

2) Connecting to the network:

You have to configure the client in the following way:

- Server/Host: irc.getmangos.eu

- Port: 6667 for unencrypted connections, 6697 for encrypted connections

- UseSSL: no for unencrypted connection, 6697 for encrypted connections

- Nick: you nickname

- Alternative Nick: a nickname to use if your first choice is not available anymore

3) First steps on the server:

After connecting you will get the MOTD, the message of the day. There are some information about the server, the rules you do accept by using the server and a few hints to use IRC. Please read it!

If you are unhappy with you nick, you can change it by typing "/nick [NEW NICK]".

After this you can join any channel by typing "/join [CHANNEL]". Channels always begin with a "#". Inter alia, there are the following channels:

- #mangos : the main channel for MaNGOS developement

- #zero: the dedicated channel for MaNGOS-Zero

- #one: the dedicated channel for MaNGOS-One

- #two: the dedicated channel for MaNGOS-Two

- #three: the dedicated channel for MaNGO-Three

- #wow: the channel for the test server logon.mangosone.org. It is synchronized to an ingame channel.

- #smalltalk: the GERMAN only channel for the logon.mangosone.org test server and other topics and games.

You are free to open your own channel. If you attempt to join an unexisting channel, it will be automatically created and grants you oper rights.

4) Registering you nickname:

To prevent your nickname from overtakes, you can save it by registering. You will be promted to login with a passwort to use the nickname than. This is unneccassary to get permanent rights at any channel (AOP, HOP, VOP...).

You can register your nickname by typing "/msg NS register [YOUR PASSWORD] [YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS]". You will get a confirmation e-mail to your e-mail address with instructions to complete the registration.

If you want to user more than one nickname, e.g. YourNick, YourNick[AFK], YourNick[OFF] and so on, you can firstly change your nick by typing "/nick [NEW NICK]" and than register it to your main nickname by typing "/msg NS group [MAIN NICK] [PASSWORD]".

I hope you enjoy the stay on the server and am happy to answer any questions.

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It would have to happen just now at the first time the new IRC network is in operation:

The hoster of the main server which hosts the IRC services and the Bot MaNGOS who automatically grants voice rights had several network problems after more than a year without problems like this.

Because of the operation of the server has been restricted for about one hour.

Everything should work correctly now.

I am really sorry for this constraints but I had no influence to this problems.

You can get more information about the problem here: http://status.ovh.de/?do=details&id=3272

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You need to use an IRC client to join the IRC.

The IRC protocoll has nothing to do with the HTTP which is accessable by webbrowsers.

You can find a list of recommended client at post #4.

Download and install one of them and use it to connect to the server.

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Can we have all the IRC rules posted on the forums, according to the post by Artimis, I should see the rules and a MOTD but i do not. Some IRCs support a rules command, mangos irc appears to not have such a command (i know it's not a standard command, but i tried). the motd command also doesn't do anything, not sure if that one is the server or my client though

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Hi, Antiroot!

The MOTD and the rules are the same.

At every connect the MOTD will be displayed.

Additionally you can use the commands "RULES" and "MOTD" to display it again.

This might be inpossible at non-standard clients. A solution may be the use of any "/raw" command or something like that. In case of need you can use telnet to display the rules. Just run:

telnet irc.getmangos.eu 6667

> NICK Antiroot

> USER Antiroot 8 * :Antiroot

> PONG [PING-ID (see "PING" request)]

The rules will be readable in web as soon as the website www.yirc.de has been drawn up.

I hope this helps you.

Yours, Artimis

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I promise I will join, just as soon as I have the tools to do so.

Reminds me of my youth, when I used to hang out on Undernet and eat floodbots for sport. :lol:

mIRC was the most popular client for Windows, but I preferred pIRCh for its tabbed interface, a concept not widely known until Firefox came along, and the Perl-style scripting language that was more powerful than mIRCscript. (polargeek, you were a coder ahead of your time and under-appreciated.)

I used to be a chanop on Starchat, but efnet and Undernet were my two favorite hangouts. It's a shame that IM ended the popularity of IRC. Back in the 90s, everyone used chatrooms... from hackers to housewives.

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Connecting with an IRC client has always been an issue and not everyone knows how. May I suggest that Antz imbeds the Mibbit Widget on the website? It'll allow people to connect to the Mangos IRC server without having to install a client and having issues configuring it correctly. A person then only needs to type the /join command to connect to the specific channels. I'm not sure how Mibbit is configured from the web dev side. So if you can get that going I'm sure many more people would connect.

I was on the IRC earlier and there's approximately 5 people online.



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