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New Zero Developers

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  • 3 weeks later...

A belated welcome to all of you! Thank you for joining together in support of the best server project and online community for MMORPGs.

I look forward with great excitement to the future you will help build. Remember that MaNGOS belongs to all of us! Don't hesitate to come forth with new ideas or work upon any part of the cores that suits your fancy.

If you need help settling into the forums, feel free to message Salja, Antz, or myself (but especially Antz, he loves having a full inbox every day!).

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How were those picked as developers? I never saw a single contribution from anyone of them!?

All of us are developers at Project Silverpine. The reason we started Project Silverpine was that mangoszero was completely inactive for several months and we figured we wouldn't get access to the official mangoszero repositories. We've always been open-source and our commits are blizzlike. Just like mangoszero in other words. Now that mangoszero is active again there's not really any reason for us to not work on the same repositories.

I'm quite new to WoW emulation so I'm still learning. I mostly fix database bugs currently but I'm slowly getting a bit more familiar with the core. I think I've made about 150+ database fixes so far. While I may not have much experienced I'm quite active and mangos seem to be missing active people.

And we've been discussing with Antz and Salja quite a lot on Skype. We plan on merging the projects completely. Meaning we will basically abandon Project Silverpine. :)

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