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MaNGOS switch to support 3.0.9 (9551)

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Starting from [7298] MaNGOS support only client version 3.0.9 (9551) at master branch (Client 2.4.3 still limited supported at mangos-0.12 branch)

This is monor client update switch.

You need update DBC files.

Maps files same as for 3.0.8a (if you regenerate its for [7291]) so not need update. This is checked.

Vmaps files also expected same (but not checked)

Tag planned for adding for simplify find last 3.0.8a supported commit

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good job!

just as a question: how long will the mangos-0.12 branch stay in the repo? because actually there are much persons using this branch (including myself) and i don't wanna stand here and read once 'mangos stops support for 2.4.3'.. this would be a big problem if you don't say it early enougth ;)

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