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Npc movement waypoints not working? [Solved]



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Although it was for Mangos two, When I was running R20. I had to use the following command

.npc setmovetype way NODEL

This was the only way I could get NPCs to follow a waypoint.  Im not sure if this is the same for R21, But I will let you know when im done updating. Unless you get to it first.

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Its kinda weird that you obviously dont know your own code but the general solution for such problem is:

1.) .npc setmovetype stay (deletes all waypoints the npc has)

2.) .npc addmove "GUID-OF-THE-NPC-WITHOUT-QUOTATIONSMARK" (sets the waypoint where you as GM stays)

So actually you need only a macro for 2.) and then you go as GM the way the NPC shall go and push every few yards on the macro-button. Notice: you have to go the way back too and set the waypoints there too. Otherwise it can give problems with his path.

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