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How to install mangos zero?



I can't find any tutorial in the files that I've downloaded.

I understand that I have to generate maps and dbc folders with map extractor. I manage to do that.

I copy them to "server" folder from mangos and then try to start mangosd and realmd but they close instantly.

vmap-extractor doesn't work at all, it's saying that the folder is polluted.

Can't there just be something like the abyss thing for alpha version of wow, just click on an executable and start the game?

I had more success with this older version of mangos from here: http://www.ownedcore.com/forums/world-of-warcraft/world-of-warcraft-model-editing/406638-collection-exploration-patches-of-various-locations.html.

I manage to start everything but the realm appears offline and can't do much about that.

Any help for total noob?

I'm running windows 7.

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10 hours ago, alarau said:

I've figured out that I need to also install the sql database. I think that's where I'm stuck, the thing is the sql database provided from the pack has issues.

I get this error.



Does not look like the db is even installed in that.

The downloads are applied to covenant-wow prior to being put on here, so they do work.

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I'm using wamp so after I ran InstallDatabases.bat, everything seemed fine, didn't gave any errors, I saw the databases in phpmyadmin. And even the dbversion table was there and it had content. The connections where good, I've tried like 6 time installing from InstallDatabases.bat, naming mangos1, realmd1, char1 and so on. Then deleting the the dbs since I got that error.

Good thing that I've managed to upload a full sql file that has 200 mb from a folder called "SDB_0.5.3_Changeset_15-2803", I have a few versions of mangos on my pc. It took 4 hours to run the sql query by inserting line by line using heidisql.

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Hi, Just so I can understand your issues I will need some answers to the following questions:-

1) Did you clone and build the server or use the pre-built downloads

2) You received an error about populated output folders, can you try deleting the following folders and running the extraction routines again:


3) Please try another import tool other than Heidi SQL - it does not work that well with files containing extended characters (as the dbdocs files do)
- I recommend SqlYog, I've used it myself for many years and it's never let me down (unlike Heidi SQL).

4) Blizzard would shut us down in an instant if we ever provided a proper installer for MaNGOS - Remember is an educational project rather than a software house.

5) I would always advise learning to clone and build the server and never touch the pre-built downloads, it's much more satisfying and we are able to support you better.

and finally....

6) Never attempt to use a database from another project - many other projects are using the older format databases which are missing the many enhancements and changes we have donw other the years - This includes UDB / SDB and CM - although the guts of the database look similar, they are different enough for many errors to occur and even if you manage to get the server to start - no scripting will work.


Please reply back on what you have tried and I will attempt to help.

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1. I downloaded the pack from the download page from here.

2. I thought the error was about sql. I ran just map extractor and it created maps I think. vmap-extractor was saying that the folder is polluted and didn't worked at all.

3. The sql bat that camed with the pack worked and didn't gave any errors.

4. I understand, didn't thought about that.

5. 6. I'm only interested to explore the maps and see how the game was looking back there, hidden areas and stuff. Don't care much about scripting or gameplay.

As I said, I've managed to make it work so I'll leave it like this. Thanks for helping.

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