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Database version error



Hey guys,

i have a problem with updating worldDB to the right version. The only update that i can not apply is 

Rel21_2_0_SD2_refactoring.sql.(ERROR 1091 (42000) at line 5: Can't DROP 'ScriptName'; check that column/key exists).


Who can help me out here?


thx in advance


The table `db_version` indicates that your [World] database does not match the expected structure!

  [A] You have database Version: 21
                      Structure: 1
                        Content: 0
                    Description: revision_refactor

  [B] You need database Version: 21
                      Structure: 2
                        Content: 6
                    Description: dbdocs updates

You must apply all updates after [A] to [B] to use MaNGOS with this database.
These updates are included in the database/World/Updates folder.


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Same as what I have here, just to double check before moving on to some other questions..  You cloned the develop21  server and database correct? if yes then make sure you are following the proper install and update order..

You installed and attempted to update in this order?



Also how are you applying the updates? I use an interface program called SQLyog

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I did. Just that one error:

Rel21_2_0_SD2_refactoring.sql.(ERROR 1091 (42000) at line 5: Can't DROP 'ScriptName'; check that column/key exists).

I don't how this works. Is it so if one fails, the others will fail also? Them the problem lies in Rel21_2_0_SD2_refactoring.sql.

I have tried direct import in sql, phpmyadmin and HeidiSQL to import.


I did checked out if the column exists, what didn't. So i did remove those lines.

With that in the process, i did apply the rest of the sql updates followed in order.

World server is now running. :D


Thanks for the pointers in the right direction mate, Cheers 


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