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Serverside fly mechanism



Hello community :)

I am now working on 1.12.1 project and first thing that showed up while we was checking the world, was a .gm fly disfunction.

I went through code, if there is something missing or something, but then, after little googling, I found that FLY is probably not implemented clientside...

So - there are some questions I want to ask:


1) Is it actually true? Is here any "official way", how to .gm fly?

2) Is here any way, how to simulate underwater behavior by opcodes or something? Like the client thinks player is underwater, when he is obviously not? (force movement flags ended up in client crash or with no effect depending on serverside coding by usage different functions related to movement opcodes I have found)

3) Has anyone achieved any fly-like behavior by serverside coding? I am now experimenting with some teleporting on Player::Update, but I haven't found, how to send to client only Z coordinate. By .gm fly command, I have created a boolean "switch", that triggers my edited Player::TeleportTo on Player::Update, if it is on. It works ... well ... fine for the original feature, that it was designed for. Even after piece of code that removes players movement flags, it is still with the same effect. I cannot move in the air, because the update, where I need to get coordinates to refresh them, is faster, than client sends the movement change data (simply every update is Get Position -> Thelport to position, but it happens too fast, so if clients sends new player coords (player moves), when the packets arrive to server, player is meanwhile updated with his original coords. So I ma looking for a way - if it is even possible, how to actually somehow send client only Z coordinate, so client will maintain the height, but will be able to move in midair.

4) Or if anyone has achieved some usable fly effect by some edited slowfall, or some workaround extracted from Taxi or something?


Well, the very last thing I want to do is to release an extra patch for GMs, where the whole world will be underwater :/



Tanks :)

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