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[help] easybuild is not in my win folder after cloning?



Hi ya'll!

I'm going to be bringing back the awesomeness that was FunServers!!! Mine will even include the ability to hack, so I'll be needing tons of help securing core parts of the realm, my website and hard drive so no one will be traversing through my personal info lol, but all of that is for another day.

I released a video about my announcement to start a server here on my YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHbOJz0gXG0

So there you go, you know a little more about what I am trying to do, so here is where I am at: I've been following the Wiki here: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/installation-guides/guideswindows/

And I have everything installed to start developing the server (I totally understand that am about to be compiling my own core: I want this.) except for one thing:

In the tutorial it says: Navigate into the Win folder and double-click EasyBuild.

I don't have anything called EasyBuild. I am using mangosFour (why does the prefix say zero - five? what is mangosFive? How do I get that? Is it newer? I want the latest and greatest!) and I just cloned it using this tutorial: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/installation-guides/guidesgeneral/downloading-the-mangos-sourcecode-r20023/

So did I do something wrong at this point? Where can I obtain EasyBuild so I can continue the development?

Thank you, in advanced, for your time! I love MaNGOS and used to run a server called SkypeWoW RIGHT when MaNGOS was being released to support worlds above 1.12.1 <3


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As Necrovoice mentioned above, MangosFour is an early alpha at best - At best you will be able to get to the character selection screen, no further.
- Sadly interest in this branch is almost non-existant.

EasyBuild and the New build system has been rolled out across the cores in the develop21 branch.
Once Mangos Zero - Three have achieved Release21 status, I intend to get Mangos Four to the same level as the others.

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Hello, Allow me to try and assist you. For starters mangos four (M4) is extremely under developed and not in a state where one can jump in and play without complications or other issues.

If you are looking for a version that plays well I would suggest Mangos 0, 1 or 2. (3 plays nice to a point but has more broken than not)

But to get you on the road of getting into the game I can try, or until one of the more experienced devs (that have worked with this build method) can reach you. 

As I said M4 is behind the times and still uses the .sln  method to build the server with Visual Studio, this is why you are unable to find Easybuild. Depending on what version you have, you will use the VC100, 110 or 120 versions.  


Hope this has helped you in some way.





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