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Weird creatureeventai errors



The attachment is my EventAIError log, and it's filled with "Event ____ Action _ uses SpellID ____ that must be self cast (target is _)" or "Event _____ Action _ has TARGET_T_ACTION_INVOKER(_) target type, but should have TARGET_T_ACTION_INVOKER_OWNER(_)." or maybe even "Event _______ Action _ uses Target type _ for a spell (_____) that should only target players. This could be wrong."


Is there anything I can do to possibly get rid of these errors? I haven't seen anything suspicious in-game, however, I can't possibly see every creature in a week to see if their all doing their job correctly.


Please help! Everything still works (that I know of), but even if nothing is wrong, I still want to fix these errors.


I have OCD.


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