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You know, it's a good thing that the community is not like the military or I'd really be in big trouble for being AWOL as often as I am and for as long as I am. LOL

Anyway, I just wanted to let the community know that I was back and this seemed the most logical place to do so. I'll try to be around when I can, real life permitting, of course. :)

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Thanks guys. Hopefully, this time, I can actually figure out what I am doing. Antz has contributed some books on C++ and I'm going to be reading those in the very near future and in hopes that they finally make sense. I've been going over some C++ tutorials on the web and they are finally starting to make sense. :) My two linguistic goals in life...? To learn Greek (R&W) and C++ (R&W). I hope I can accomplish those goals some time soon. :)

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Alright. I've been debating for the last few days. A friend and I got to chatting about me getting back into programming again and I immediately thought of MaNGOS. So, I think that I am back, but am not positive yet. So, I'm here, but off and on. Sorry if this didn't make the most sense. Feel free to contact me but definitely do not expect an instantaneous response, please. :)

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