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  • Warlock pets not regenerating mana

    • Status: Completed
      Main Category: Database
      Sub-Category: Creature
      Version: 0.20(currentmasterbranch) Milestone: 21 Priority: Urgent
      Implemented Version: 21.0

    Warlock pets not regenerating mana

    As of the build I did Sunday evening from a fresh clone of R20, warlock pets no longer regenerate mana. This cripples the lock once the pet is out of mana. Tested this on two accounts with two different locks.

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    Alright, this should be "all pets regenerate nothing". Hunter pets are no longer regenerating focus and warlock pets do not regenerate mana. I am changing the priority of this ticket to urgent due to this.

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    Even stranger now! Hunter pets appear to lose all their energy, but keep using their skills despite no energy. On top of that, when a warlock pet loses mana, it can no longer use anything. This is strange!

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    This is odd. Here is what is going on right now.

    [*]Warlock pets lose all mana, but they can keep casting spells. However, using "Dark Pact" returns no mana, since the pet is really out
    [*]Hunter pets eventually lose all focus, but keep right on using skills, so this isn't as bad for them
    [*]NPC voidwalker minions have rage instead of mana, and it is maxed out

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    It's inside the core already. I've worked on it to rewrite how the Imp is working (first one) because for Mangos, all pets are generic pets (which is incorrect) and have the same behavior.

    Regarding the mana/health generation, in the past, it was going well but the amount was too low (and I never found the original data). I don't know what has been changed.. that it doesn't work now.

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    The pet power regen was killed in Rel20 branch at Aug 2014. Here is the fix of that useful but, say, unlucky commit:

    I wish it be the last bug with the pets :D but it is far from one. After a brief testing, it seems that now we have to teach the pets to actually use the energy, then correctly calculate spell CDs... but I hope these will be another bugreports.

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