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Ahbot enabling?



Hello :)

I seem not to be able to kickstart AHbot.

I did duplicate the default ahbot.conf.dist file into a valid ahbot.conf, with seller and buyer enabled of course.

Then restarted mangosd.

Log still says "ahbot not enabled".

What am I doing wrong? :(

Thanks for continued help 



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I got the problem again.

Yesterday I rebuilt the whole Zero thing to include playerbots.

After the rebuild, again I have

AHBOT is Disabled. Unable to open configuration file ../etc/ahbot.conf. 

in the world-server.log file

Needless to say, ahbot.conf staid there since before, nothing changed, no permissions changed etc etc

There seems to be no other process tampering with it.

Where's the catch??




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I think I found where the issue stays. Didn't solve it yet though.


After rebuilding, 

if I launch mangosd as a normal binary (./mangosd), ahbot.conf is properly read-in and all works

If I launch mangosd as a service (as I configured it earlier as per wiki instructions) ahbot.conf is NOT read-in !



Any clue how to fix this?


Thanks ciao



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1 minute ago, antz said:

sorry I misread that, you say that you have enabled both.... in the conf ?

yes. In the etc directory now I have an "ahbot.conf" file, where I have 

AuctionHouseBot.Seller.Enabled = 1


AuctionHouseBot.Buyer.Enabled = 1


Btw, I also left 

AuctionHouseBot.CharacterName  = ""


as the comments, above, say

#    Default "" (No owner)





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