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Errors in db?



hey all once more. i know i do alot of threads but its for its about diffrent things.


this time i look into a mangos server i have saved on github, you cant get it anymore for all links are dead. but i saw that i did not upload the datasae with it so i get it for a other repack.

even if i dont know how i even get it to git in the first place:)


and as allways this is older then current version but i want to might be able to get it up-to-date with normal mangos 2 for this is 3.3.5


i know it works diffrent back in the day this if form about 2012 but i wonder how can i fix the errors that pop up. i know not everything are erros and it do stuff but still.


thanks for the help. i whould get a propper DB if i could. but there are no git repos for db or scriptdev. only cores. so its kind of hard to get it right then:)


here are the db and the sever log.txt files. its in a rar file due to the db are 149MB

database and log file


now the log file are only 100kb instead of 230 that it was before.

sorry for finding so many things i want to do hehehehe.

but i guess thats for i been doing this for so long alot of the old systems dont work or are dead today.

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when i try to use trainers i get this error


WORLD: Recvd MSG_MOVE_STOP (183, 0xB7) opcode
01 03 00 00 00 00 00 00 | EA 68 D2 05 84 37 22 46
44 39 C8 C5 72 21 1A 42 | 33 14 88 3F 43 00 00 00
Creature 74855 (Entry: 15285) have UNIT_NPC_FLAG_TRAINER but have empty trainer spell list.
04 00 00 00 00

i dont know how to fix it. ia hve tried import the current mangos2 db



due to they are the same. not i still get same error. 


i cant use the normal mangos creatre or anything liek that or i get so much errors. the creatre?>tamplate are diffrent from the current one.


thanks for the help.


maybe i can try make a trainer in sql and import and see if that works unsure how its done really.

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