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Not detecting visual studio



Hello everyone in the mangos community,

I am building mangos two with easybuild, following the guide step by step but neither easybuild nor the mysql installer are detecting my visual studio installation.

- I have followed the visual studio installation guide step by step on the wiki.

- My visual studio version is 2015 as suggested

- My windows installation is a fresh windows 7 on a new computer, nothing was installed prior all mangos tools

I tried to reboot 2 times, nothing happened, i'm kinda lost  right now ...

Hope you'll be able to help and ask me anything that might help you understand the case, as I am not used to have problems

Sorry in advance for my english which is not my native language, thanks !


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18 minutes ago, madmax said:

Only thing I can think of, did you install visual studio selecting the c++ option ? You have no antivirus that is blocking it?

Followed the guide so yes i selected the c++ option and i have no antiviruses whatsoever (not a huge fan of antiviruses, thanks for the quick reply !

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On 8/29/2017 at 3:14 AM, antz said:

Can we check that VS is actually working correctly....

Start VS and select 'New Project' choose a c++ project and proceed.
- Do you get to the code window ?

I'm having the same problem except that I'm trying to install the Mangoszero development environment.

First, here's the background:

System: x86 64-bit, Windows 10 Pro, VS 2017 Community Version (w/ C++ - and yes, C++ is installed and I've coded, built, and successfully executed a test "hello world" app just to make sure).

PreReqs: Git Bash, CMake, OpenSSL were installed without a hitch.

Problem: Using the Community MySQL installer of Server 5.7.20 (x86) the installer does not detect the VS 2017 on my system.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, in advance.


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Clarification of VS Product Name
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