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Flight only works after loging out / in.



I'm having a bizarre bug where flight isn't working (druid flight form, flying mount, or gm fly mode) even with spells learned. However, if I logout after trying to fly (flight form/mounted) and back in, flying works. If I then land and try to fly again, I need to repeat the process. It's very odd.

Any ideas? I tried updating to today's build without any improvement.

Note: Another bug I figure is unrelated but worth mentioning in case, is that typing the .commands request (for the list) in game causes the server to crash. Very odd.

Edit: After some experimenting, it appears that flight is being achieved via .gm fly as you can't "land" unless you manually turn off .gm fly off.

If I recall correctly this is related to a bug from several years ago. Was it fixed and it's just me or is it still systemic of the old issue?

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2 hours ago, antz said:

There us an outstanding fix from m2 which needs to be ported to m3 to fix the commands crashing.

It's the latest commit on mangosTwo

Excellent, at least I can stop trying to debug on my end for that.

Any ideas on the flying bug?

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