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Need help (surprise..)



There used to be a looong long guide detailing how one could download, build/compile/whatever else was needed for a Mangos server, from scratch.. Said guide (from the Mangos wiki) is now gone.

So i was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to write such a guide again. And before you say it, yes, i've seen those surviving the forum change and the wiki "update". For someone starting with zero, nada, knowledge (like me), they do not help. Too many inbetween steps missing :) 

To explain what i want first: a 1.12.x client i can run from my PC. For me alone. No servers, no other people. In a sense yes, a repack. Mangos doesn't do repacks, i know, am just telling you what i want so you may understand/direct me accordingly in case there are steps i need not take.

I have already read MadMax's guide here. The problem is that with the forum transition, pics he'd attached are now gone, commands he'd typed now show funny. Most importantly, his guide (he states so too) demands a certain knowledge in advance.. knowledge i do not possess! ie i'm not lazy, just.. don't know.

Have also found a vid for dummies, except:

1) it's old (something tells me the repository address is wrong, every guide gives a different address???)

2) it goes by Git GUI instead of Git BASH. Don't know what these are, but MadMax's says Bash.

edit: have also come across other guides (Reaper-Xs being the most detailed one), except they two contradict both the above and/or reference programs i'd swear are not needed anymore.


Could someone please help, i can't be the only one hitting a brick wall. Just.. keep in mind i am CLUELESS, keep in mind linking won't help. Two days of googleing later, i can tell you that much.. :S

My thanks for reading!

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Apologies for the belated reply, was typing and typing only to repeat what i was saying above, so.. But anyway.

I've seen the 'new' guides. The OP was posted after reading them, not before; for someone starting from scratch, they are a no go. Whether it's my lack of knowledge, the newer versions of the programs being incompatible with your cores or a bit both i know not, but the result is the same. They're a no go :)

Regardless, my thanks for taking the time to post something back.

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