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Rogue stealth bug



I was fooling around with a mangos zero server today, and I had a l5 rogue in the starting zone stealthing around. I found that l3 hostile mobs would consistently spot me and attack, often when facing away from me. Now, vanilla WoW was many years ago, but I played a lot of vanilla wow as a rogue, and I never recall having under level mobs spot me so quickly and at range before. It was very difficult to get off a backstab w/o provoking an attack.

My question to anyone reading is: Has anyone noticed stealth mechanics feeling a little off? I don't know if I am looking at a bug, or just a poor sample of stealth behavior. Vanilla suffered from a variety of stealth related bugs while the dev team tried to get the mechanic ironed out, and they didn't really solve it until the rewrote stealth code for BC if I remember correctly.

I did some searching around the site to see if there were any old bugs discussed, but I couldn't find anything. The site organization feels a little fragmented, and I am not sure if I am looking in the right areas. If this is a known and resolved issue, did I miss the post?

I'm going to poke into the stealth code and see if there is anything that looks funny....


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Thanks Max, I appreciate it.

Further experimentation with a stealthed ferral drood (~l23) with hostile mobs of equal level shows the same sort of behavior. Two things I noticed here:

1) approaching from behind works as designed. A stationary mob can be approached w/o detection to attack/pickpocket range. It is only when you are in the mobs forward field of view that they detect you at range and aggro.

2) During none of these tests was I able to get a mob to go into the 'I am suspicious' animation where they halt pathing and turn to face the (almost) detected player. In each case they just detected and charged.

I think the issue here might lie with missing 'suspicious' state. If that occurred, it would reduce the aggro radius for stealthed people by a yard or two, and would much better match up with the original mechanics.

i have minimal knowledge of how stealth interacts in PvP with various class and racials (human's detect stealth, hunters ability, etc.) so i cannot really comment on how good our modeling is there.

Any thoughts on the topic? I am narrowing my code exploration to looking at point 2, I feel confident the problem is there.

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Thanks for the suggestion, necro!

Haven't forgotten about this...I am updating and re-verifying later tonight.

I also dug into the code and discovered something that might have been coloring my tests. It appears that the rank of your stealth skill factors into the math. Hence a l20 rogue sneaking around a l20 mob will have a harder time than a l60 rogue sneaking around a l60 mob.

I suspect that because I spent so much time as a l60 rogue in vanilla, I had forgotten that was hard to be sneaky with only 1 rank of stealth. However, I will be rechecking everything to be sure.

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