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  1. This solve my problem and after that you have to load the database. I followed ike's github page and it worked fine so far despite some minor bugs.
  2. also, both my character and the playerbots are experiencing the looting issue.
  3. I been experiencing this issue in my small mangos one server. When I play by myself, all lootings are fine. But once I add a playerbot, the following lootings will consistently(logout, restart client won't help) fail with "You can't loot that item now": All quest items from corpse or clicking on a quest object All gathering items(herbalism/skin etc) All disenchanted items All items require a right click on another item to "open" and loot, e.g. pearls and meat from a shell. Chest loot are sometimes fine Happy to look into code if anyone could share some pointers. Thanks
  4. sorry this is not an answer but actual question. When you said may I ask, how did you compile the core with ai bot enabled? is there a build option to be added? I have raised a question before I noticed this, feel free to answer in my post instead if you prefer. Thanks.
  5. I followed the installation guide for ubuntu: All is good and playable. Many thanks to Elmsroth!!! But it seems the build does not include the bot module because I can't find aiplayerbot.conf.dist being added to my conf/ directory. Based on the following code, it should be installed. # Install config files configure_file(${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/playerbot/aiplayerbot.conf.dist.in ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/aiplayerbot.conf.dist) install(FILES ${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/aiplayerbot.conf.dist DESTINATION ${CONF_INSTALL_DIR}) Can anybody show some pointers or fill-in the gap of the installation guide? Btw, myself is a C++ developer but not very good at CMake. So please feel free point me to source code or feel free to use jargon. Any help/comment is much apprecaited. Thanks again.
  6. I think we have similar problem but I followed the manual build process with ubuntu The game is playing well but I can't create bot after adding aiplayerbot.conf and AiPlayerbot.Enabled = 1 I think something has to be toggled in the build to enable playerbot. And I haven't seen any installation guide in the forum nor readme file in the "src/modules/Bots" directory... I am so lost... Any pointers?
    can we have a linux build?
  7. dbq

    Extracting Game Data

    If I can't find wow.exe, what does that tell me? I followed the below guide and every step seemed OK until I was directed here: Please, any pointer will be appreciated. Many thanks
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