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  • Corrupted Ashbringer

    • Status: awaitingdevreply
      Main Category: Core / Mangos Daemon
      Sub-Category: Item Handling
      Version: 21.0 Milestone: 21 Priority: Normal
      Implemented Version: 0.20

    Corrupted Ashbringer

    Everything but the item itself missing.

    Sounds it plays? Missing entirely.
    Scripted event that is supposed to start the minute you enter the Cathedral with it equipped? Absent.
    Becoming instantly hostile/attack on sight with -any- Argent Dawn member upon your equipping it? Also missing.

    for reference,
    and for your listening pleasure (do you guys even play all these builds you test? ^^)
    these sounds can be heard with ambience up and music off for the entirety of the duration Corrupted Ashbringer is equipped

    major spoileR:

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    It may not have had sounds in vanilla. Remember, half the mounts had sound, the other half didn't. This could be another situation like that. The DBC files will have to be checked.

    As for testing, it's what many of us spend a lot of free time doing. You still have yet to post anything useful towards your setup. We have no clue what revision you're running and 75% of the bugs you report cannot be reproduced and the stuff works fine here. You need to post the output of ".server info" so we can see just what the heck you're running. You may be running R19 or even prior and not know it.

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    Corrupted ashbringer did indeed have sound in vanilla, however I'm pretty sure this was handled by a script and not through the dbc files. I'll take a look whenever I find the free time, however it would be really nice to know what setup the op is testing on.

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    FYI, the sound entries for the blade: 8906-8908, 8920-8928 (these work actually) and a combined entry with no effect due to missing core support, 8940. The thing should be scripted, and it is not an easy task. In TC, I would say it is simple SpellScript task for triggering spell 28441. Here we need some inventions with Unit class event processor, m_Events.

    Consider this as a sticker note to myself plz :)

    P.S. And no, we never play on the servers we are trying to develop/fix.

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    How should the blade work?

    I see the spell 28414 (as item enchant) proc'ing on melee/melee spell attack with 10% chance. Probably it is followed by the "Drain life" 29155 cast. However when does the blade say anything? Should it be at the same proc with the Drain life cast, or simply at random while equipped in/out of combat?

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    Bumping this as it steel needs scripting.

    1. Sound entries from DBC that has a chance to play when this weapon is equipped:

    8906 I was pure once.
    8907 Fought for righteousness.
    8908 I was called Ashbringer.
    8920 Betrayed by my order.
    8921 Destroyed by Kel'Thuzad.
    8922 Suffer pain to serve.
    8923 My son watched me die.
    8924 Crusades fed his rage.
    8925 Truth is unknown to him.
    8926 Scarlet Crusade is pure no longer.
    8927 Balnazzar's crusade corrupted my son.
    8928 Kill them all!

    Comment on wow-head with 53 upvotes:


    I think it speaks to you randomly, I bet that the "Equip: Inflicts the will of the Ashbringer upon the wielder." has something to do with the random sound playback when you walk around. ;) Probably based on a *proc* since the buff is rebuffed each 5 seconds (like 1% proc chance to play a audio file, that's around 7,2% chance to hear a sound play each 1 hour) :>

    2. There's an event that should take place in Scarlet Monastary when the Corrupted Ashbringer is equipped: 

    3. It should also make players hated with the Argent Dawn when this item is equipped. Comment from wow-head posted during patch 1.12.2 with over 600 upvotes:


    Remember to unequip this before you go to Light's Hope, it makes you temporarily Hated with Argent Dawn.


    4. Some players have told me that the sword should enter nearby enemies in combat no matter what. Which means that rogues for example will not be able to re-stealth so long as a player with the weapon is nearby. I didn't find a source for this though, and I am not sure about the radius of that effect.

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