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Change mob status



I found a mob, namely Besseleth. that should be elite, gold dragon type.

But is a normal mob, couldnt find where to edit the database to change the spider to elite.

and google searches just seem to bring up every core except the one i need lol.

i even found a few GM commands that didnt work.


could someone point me to how to edit the database?

or how to do it by GM commands and then save it to make it permanent, thank you!

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This mob is correct based on my findings.  It was indeed an elite during Classic, however was patched in 2.3.0. Mangos one supports 2.4.3.

Is this something that can be changed for your own game  absolutely! Is it an issue with the current db, I would have to say no.


I do want to thank you for taking the initiative to report this and you willingness to help..  Keep your eyes open and feel free to report anything else you may find.

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awesome, i sorted through the DB, but its all numbers, how do i tie the mob to the entry?

sorry for being a pest btw :)


edit 1

i changed the rank, to 1 (it was 0) but the mob is still non-elite, how can i force the refresh.

restarting mangosd didnt load the new value.


edit 2


deleted cache folder, all is well, you guys are awesome!

I think ill make a small list of changes i make to bring it more in line with vanilla

and post it once in awhile for you guys to update to the releases.


something like:


mangos DB-> creature_template
changed "Besseleth" rank to "1" - this was an elite creature in retail.

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Very awesome, thank you.

Id love to contribute to the team in some way.

Maybe I can go through the creature template database and verify what I can against classic wowhead.
Give you guys a list of changes, if there is any.

Small, but helpful. We all want the same thing i think.

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