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  1. Hi, it would be better, if you install mariadb instead of of mysql.
  2. On the CMAKE commandhow have to add -DPLAYERBOTS=1 like cmake ../sources/ -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/opt/wow/install/mangos -DCONF_INSTALL_DIR=/opt/wow/install/mangos/conf -DPLAYERBOTS=1
  3. Hello, if you set RealmZone = "> 0" in mangos.conf, the server will not be shown in Realmlist. Only value "0" works.
  4. Hi, you have to set the expansion of your choice in the database. See https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/referenceinfo/dbinfo/realmdb/account-r1/#expansion If you created a new account, the default expansion is 0. This means that this account has no expansions. For TBC you have to change it to 1. or you could do this in game with an administrator account: account set addon Syntax: .account set addon [#accountId|$accountName] #addon Set user (possible targeted) expansion addon level allowed. Addon values: 0 - normal, 1 - tbc, 2 - wotlk. Source: https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/referenceinfo/dbinfo/mangosdb/mangoszeroworlddb/command-r1006/
  5. So if someone want to change the class to a non-race class, we can/should remove this couple of lines in core before compile it, right?
  6. I do the following steps: Create a new Character race Tauren Logout out from the account Change the class ID from 1 (warrior) to 2 (paladin) Login to the account Character is gone After changing number 3 back to original, the Character is back in the list.
  7. I can confirm this. Is there maybe a check mechanism in the mangos core?
  8. And you have to add a paladin trainer for the hord
  9. I created one for mangosZero a couple of days ago. The bug on mangosOne I could fix my deleting all bots via ai.conf
  10. Hi, I guess its possible if you change the entry in your characters database. See https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/referenceinfo/dbinfo/characterdb/mangoszerochardb/characters-r1508/#race
  11. I could "fix" the mangosone bots do nothing bug... I enabled in the ai config, that all bots and accounts should be deleted. Than the server created new bots after first start. And now they are doing something
  12. After updating my mangosone core, the bots there do nothing at all. So the same error on both cores. But with this version, it runs more stable than the last one.
  13. The playerbots on mangoszero do nothing. I use the english (enUS) dbc, but the random bots do nothing. They stay e.g. in thunderbluff and thats all. Some times they whisper to me and ask for doing quest, but thats all. There are no error in the logs aiplayerbot.conf
  14. I compiled a fresh mangosone core on the pi4 and its works great. The bots walk around and do something So I guess its a mangoszero bug with the bots. I get the memory access failure on both cores (mangoszero & mangosone), if I shutdown the server or if the server runs a couple of mintues/hours. Will try to install zram maybe it's helping. On the pi4 runs raspberry pi os lite without a gui and it needs around 20% cpu, 880mb mem while running realmd, mangosone with 144 working bots and one player logged in. I've enabled mmaps. The core start need around 30-35 secounds from starting thaht someone can login to the server.
  15. I installed a fresh raspberry pi os lite on my pi4. Could compile the core and realmd without any issues and could start the server successfully. After I tried to compile the core with -DPLAYERBOT=1 option, I got some errors while compiling it said, that characters stuff war not fully cleaned or so. I deleted all files under "builds" folder and starts a fresh compile with the -DPLAYERBOTS=1 option enabled. Lets try it Edit:// After cleaning the build folder, I could compile the core with AIBots. On the start the core will create the bots and I can find them over /who in game. Some bots whisper to me and so. But I can't see them on the world. If I invited a bot and go to his location, there is not bot. I guess thats a bug for arm cpus or? Edit2:// After deleting all bots over the conf. I can see the bots But they still do nothing https://www.getmangos.eu/forums/topic/10866-playerbots-do-nothing/ I got this error Message, if I shutdown the server "Memory access failure": Command: server shutdown 1 [Player: curatio (Account: 1) X: -2924.303467 Y: -269.708069 Z: 53.842434 Map: 1 Selected: None (Guid: 0)] Got packet, opcode 02, size 34 STORAGE_SIZE: 34 02 1B 00 5F 2C B9 DC 01 | A9 23 6B 00 00 48 8C 11 C1 00 D8 93 FE C0 00 F4 | 01 00 00 E9 E9 E9 E9 E9 E9 E9 Handle data CHECKSUM IS VALID ServerTicks 453622, RequestTicks 427453, ClientTicks 7021481 Waittime 26169 RESULT MEM_CHECK passed CheckId 923 account Id 1 RESULT MEM_CHECK passed CheckId 879 account Id 1 RESULT MEM_CHECK passed CheckId 846 account Id 1 RESULT PAGE_CHECK passed CheckId 1515 account Id 1 RESULT PAGE_CHECK passed CheckId 1514 account Id 1 RESULT PAGE_CHECK passed CheckId 1513 account Id 1 RESULT PAGE_CHECK passed CheckId 1512 account Id 1 RESULT PAGE_CHECK passed CheckId 1511 account Id 1 RESULT PAGE_CHECK passed CheckId 1510 account Id 1 RESULT PAGE_CHECK passed CheckId 1509 account Id 1 World Updater Thread stopped Halting process... Bye! Memory access failure
  16. Hello, I can't find anything for this theme, so I will ask here. I compiled a mangos zero core with ai bots enabled and I enabled them in the .conf file. I use the english (enUS) dbc, but the random bots do nothing. They stay e.g. in thunderbluff and thats all. Some times they whisper to me and ask for doing quest, but thats all. Is this a correct behavior? Thanks curatio aiplayerbot.conf
  17. An error message on a fresh install with newest db and core version isn't a good feeling
  18. Is a custom kernel required? Can I just followed this instruction https://www.getmangos.eu/wiki/documentation/installation-guides/guideslinux/installing-mangos-on-ubuntu-server-1804-r40005/ ? I would like to test it on a pi4 overclocked to 2 Ghz.
  19. Hello, I got this error on my fresh installed MaNGOS Zero server: You have content updates beyond the expected core version. Check if the core you are running is built from the latest sources. If so, DO NOT PANIC ! This message will disappear when the next DB Roll-Up will be released. The table `db_version` indicates that your [World] database does not match the expected version! [A] You have database Version: 22 Structure: 1 Content: 11 Description: update_additem_command_syntax [B] The core needs database Version: 22 Structure: 1 Content: 1 Description: Release 22 So the db version is newer, than the core expected it. Is this ok so fare? Thanks curatio
  20. How is the performance? Are you using AI Bots? Did you overclock the pi?
  21. I can confirm this bug with the newest mangoszero core & db.
  22. Are any one working on this problem? Or should I make a bug report for this? And is this only a problem for zero or with all mangos releases? Thanks, Curatio
  23. Thanks for your answer. Is there something I can do to help to fix this problem?
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