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  1. enum WardenCheckType
        MEM_CHECK               = 0xF3, // 243: byte moduleNameIndex + uint Offset + byte Len (check to ensure memory isn't modified)
        PAGE_CHECK_A            = 0xB2, // 178: uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 + uint Addr + byte Len (scans all pages for specified hash)
        PAGE_CHECK_B            = 0xBF, // 191: uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 + uint Addr + byte Len (scans only pages starts with MZ+PE headers for specified hash)
        MPQ_CHECK               = 0x98, // 152: byte fileNameIndex (check to ensure MPQ file isn't modified)
        LUA_STR_CHECK           = 0x8B, // 139: byte luaNameIndex (check to ensure LUA string isn't used)
        DRIVER_CHECK            = 0x71, // 113: uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 + byte driverNameIndex (check to ensure driver isn't loaded)
        TIMING_CHECK            = 0x57, //  87: empty (check to ensure GetTickCount() isn't detoured)
        PROC_CHECK              = 0x7E, // 126: uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 + byte moluleNameIndex + byte procNameIndex + uint Offset + byte Len (check to ensure proc isn't detoured)
        MODULE_CHECK            = 0xD9  // 217: uint Seed + byte[20] SHA1 (check to ensure module isn't injected)

    The code above is lifted from Warden.h - These are the types is checks that can be processed by Warden

  2. Something we initially overlooked was the Appveyor and Travis configurations - These are the automated test systems for the code !!!

    Although the files in the repos were modified to point to the new branch name there was something else that needed to be done.
    - In both Appveyor and Travis they needed to be told which branch to get their config settings from, so they also needed to be updated.

  3. The 'Living World' option was never designed to just have NPC's active which move about across grids.

    For that the NPC's in question need the 'Keep NPC active' flag set in the database:
    - There is however a problem, we do not have a definitive list of NPC's per core which should be kept active so their entries have never been updated.


    Once we have the list, the DB updates should be trivial.

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