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  1. Hello, I am a player from China. I found some errors in Chinese translation. I want to correct it. Is there any way?

    1. antz


      Yes there is, either using our Online Editing Tool: Magnet

      failing that, you can update the GitHub repo

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    Hello Friend I really liked the core and would like to know the configuration needed for wheel with 150 to 200 player the zero mangos

    1. antz


      By default mangos will support over a 1000 players, however there are some factors which will seriously affect performance:

      • The Hardware the server is running on - Obviously the more ram / faster hard disks it has, the better
      • Network bandwidth - This is the single most limiting factor of the server performance, if the network throughput is not high enough - the server will have serious latency issues.
      • MySQL configuration - MySQL ships with several different configurations, the standard or large access. You would properly need the large access configuration.
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