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  1. Would you mind running easybuild again and when it's finished, click on the 'copy log to clipboard' and attach it to this post. - ending it up with no files indicates a failed build
  2. Sorry in my delay in getting back to you, but I wanted to be sure. I built the server from a fresh clone of the repo and built the server and the extractors, I then used the extractors to extract the data. My created file matched yours, so the extractors are correct. I then compiled the server and set it up and ran it, it loaded without issues. - This implies that the mangos you are using is not the latest version
  3. I have looked into the file you sent me.... It has a version flag of s1.5 - which matches the current version of MangosOne. Can you confirm that you built the mangosOne server from https://github.com/mangosone/server ?
  4. good, thats ruled out the extractors at least Could you upload your 0004331.map file, so I can examine it?
  5. very strange... Can I ask you to run map-extractor again and screen capture the 'banner' at the start: It should say ' for MaNGOSOne' in the top banner and 'Detected client build: 8606' as in the screenshot above
  6. The wow.exe file MUST be present in the top level wow folder when extracting. The extractors use this file to work out which client data to extract and from which client files to get them from.
  7. Sadly we don't have the source code for the clients - only Blizzard do. Therefore we are restricted by the Wow clients abilities.
  8. @Tobi Rodriguez Sorry I am a bit late to the party here.... Can you explain where you are at and what you issues are ?
  9. Although since i've been furloughed for most of 2020, i've been a lot more active on Discord
  10. I'm not aware of any more information being available... but if it's found then please let me know, i would love to add it to the articles
  11. No Questions are stupid... We were all beginners once !!
  12. Heh heh, welcome back !! You are right, after easybuild has ran cmake, it then calls msbuild directly to start building.... But you can change the options to just run cmake then open the folder containing the .sln files
  13. First off, easybuild is a front end for cmake. So you need to run cmake from the commandline or run cmakegui
  14. Hi @Shinzon - This is not the most in depth explanation, but hopefully these pages will help: Server Files - Wiki - getMaNGOS | The home of MaNGOS
  15. I believe that Russian is not supported directly on vanilla client
  16. Changed Status to Completed Changed Implemented Version to 21.14 (Master Branch) Changed Milestone to 21 (Current) Changed Priority to New
  17. antz

    How to use EasyBuild

    Thank you for the feedback, I've now committed that version to the main repos.
  18. The extraction tools should extract all the required files from the client. If you get an error when running them, please post if here
  19. antz

    How to use EasyBuild

    @Frederick Lamontagne Would you try dropping this version into the win folder and see whether you get the same error ? MaNGOS_EasyBuild.zip
  20. antz

    How to use EasyBuild

    @Frederick Lamontagne Please pull the latest version of the server, hopefully the crash issue has been resolved.
  21. Hi @Ahg1995, we are mangos and our TBC repo is at the location: https://github.com/mangosOne If you need help with the database you are using, please go to the cmangos forum, we can't help you here !!
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